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  • We will provide a Gap Analysis/Audit before we start any Training. This is so crucial as often development begins without a plan. Without a Foundation, your building will crumble so we make sure you have a sure foundation first. We don't build on Sand!

  • Janice will serve as an inspiration and the key to unlocking the door of confusion, ensuring that your business training for CRM and ERP integration is completed with ease and BAU follow-through is manageable.

  • Our Services are ideal for B2B owners and Senior Leaders who find it challenging to engage staff and clients while maintaining a unified approach to CRM or ERP, which provides scalability and transformation for your business with a profitable ROI. Say goodbye to Freebie Surfing and hello to pure profit.






= 10X revenue

Gap Analysis/Audit

Gap Analysis/Audit

Training Project Management

Training Project Management


The Training Success Coach - How it All Began


With over 30 years of passion and expertise in training and eLearning, I have developed a simple yet effective formula for success that has produced numerous outstanding outcomes. Training Adult Learners and Development of eLearning for CRM and Digital Transformations for large corporates, Janice has experience that brings together traditional face to face and online blended learning. With a specialist interest in Accessibility, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion makes for a better Training Solution for all my clients. Adhering to our formula meticulously can consistently yield the desired results. The cornerstone of this success lies in implementation and our ‘Training Gold’ approach. See you soon, and remember, your business success is our business.

Services we Offer


Done With You


iD2 Live will work with you on a 4 session implementation workshop and then provide 1:1 sessions.


Done For You

with SME input

iD2 Live will work with your experts and specialist to craft a Training solution that meets your needs using various tools and technology that will work with your current CRM/LMS/LXP or we can recommend and deploy to a recommended Vendor