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Coaching/Mentoring Others to Achieve

As a trained small business Coach and former commercial IT Trainer, I have used delivery styles that have  included:  face to face: 1:1; whole class; or Fast Track Workshop; Emails; Phone calls; Skype Sessions; Visits to the Workplace or By Appointment Visits. I believe, the Learners have it all locked inside.  By making the Learner the Centre of learning, they “Get It!” a lot quicker.

Another method I use is coaching them.  Helping them improve their performance and effectiveness by using “here and now” – what do you have now? what would you like it do for you?

So, rather than just imparting knowledge (Teaching); I like to encourage Learners to have self-belief that they have the answers to their own problems within them (Coaching); if they get a bit stuck on how to do this, I then guide and facilitate their journey (Mentoring).  Everyone learns differently, but All Learners grow in confidence once they have achieved a successful PASS.

It’s a great feeling I love to see.  It makes me smile and means another human being is ready to share with others and contribute to the economy, positively.


Pedagogical Applications

In my pedagogical applications to delivery, using eLearning, I have used: Scaffolding – building blocks to developing the understanding of a concept; I have asked Learners how they would like to learn and even let them create the activity and supply questions and answers – if at a loss I provide these; Learners prior learning or contextualising material and/or discussions for concept delivery; promoting healthy discussion and debate around a topic to enhance critical thinking and evaluation. These approaches have been successful and applied to my eLearning development style. eLearning is a developing area that moves with the Learner. For instance, my Learners have all requested more Videos with my Voice – a demand I had not expected!

As Apprentices, they do not have time for reading long scripts. Although they need to be encouraged to do so, by using Video; Voice; and sometimes ‘Talking Head’ Videos; they are able to understand why it is important to read. Through Reasoning and Analysis – the main feedback I have received, Learners have developed their own thought processes.


Authoring Tools and Instructional Design Software

These are very small variations on what I offer. I use Articulate Storyline 2 and Articulate Replay. Trialling Articulate 360 (its amazing – please buy it, I highly recommend it!). Articulate 360: RISE was used to create a Multi block course using: timelines; tabs; feedback questions; hotspots; voice; video and various other formats as appropriate. I also use Camtasia or Capto for Annotating videos, depending on the requirements for development of eLearning. I look forward to discussing your requirements further.

For Instructional Design Services in Creating and Developing eLearning, please contact me via the booking form