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Fuzzy Logic – Vyond animation video

Vyond Animation Video:  In understanding some of the Fintech terms, fuzzy logic came up in a course and required bitesize approach to helping the Learner understand what fuzzy logic means.  The use of an apple is a familiar term internationally, this served as an appropriate medium to explain the technical terms found in fuzzy logic with imagery and animation; including words; images; video; animated infographics.


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Probability – Adobe Spark in Video

Adobe Spark Video:  Probability


Understanding mathematical terms, such as probability, is not always so easy.  By using this simple video slideshow in Adobe Spark, the Learner is able to visualise and contextualise Probability for solving mathematical problems.  As most mathematical learning material is written facts, sometimes a learner needs to visualise and relate to everyday experiences.

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Nested If

Articulate 360 Replay (Main Features): Screen Capture; Lower Third messages

Teaching the Nested If function in Excel.  Using a spreadsheet screen capture to help a learner not only learn but troubleshoot.  Annotation provided in Articulate Replay with lower thirds at bottom of the screen.

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Vyond – Animated Chart

Vyond Animation Graphic (main feature): Graph animation using real data to represent the power of constant doubling.  Part of a Lesson to demonstrate the concept using ‘Tribbles’ in Star Trek.  The visual movement of the graph gives the learner a visual draw concept without a hand and that moves and flows easily.

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